Mixing vintage, vaudeville vibes with distinctly down and dirty drum n bass, they sound like the love-child of a wartime knees-up and a 90s rave. It’s fresh, it’s fun and they are all about the boogie. Bring your flat caps and suspenders and throw some swinging shapes!

He’s the curator and artistic director behind Under the Hill Fest and Little Pharma at Boomtown Fair.  After gaining £7k from their kickstarter campaign, they are currently in the process of recording their first album of complete originals ready for Summer 2019.

Mista Trick Live have performed at festivals including:

Glastonbury, Festival Jyva’zik, Electro Swing Club Paris, Boomtown Fair, Bestival, Under The Hill, Nozstock, Swingamajig, Wildfire, Illusive, Twinwood, HowTheLightGetsIn and Shambala.  They have also performed at Hootenannys Brixton, Prince of Wales, Passing Clouds, Proud Camden, Spiegeltent Bristol, Concorde Brighton, Gwdihw Cafe Bar Cardiff and Bloomsbury Lanes.