Danny Wav is a stone cold love machine! He’s your wing man, he’s a timelord, he’s the person you’d want to tag if you were wrestling a moustachioed Mexican mean machine and were in some kind of hideous triple nelson neck hold about to lose all sensation in your face and hands. Born wild and once fully feral, he was hand reared by kung fu nuns who taught him a respect for the ladies and exquisite table manners. Danny’s a DJ, who isn’t these days? But Danny’s different, he’s mean and lean and cut his teeth (and teats) in his previous act Dutty Moonshine – bad boys! Danny is a one man party starter, wobbly bass, scratchy shenanigans, full on overloader of happy times, he starts parties like a boss, bingo halls to dancehalls, leisure centres to leather centres (sofas on 50% sale!) He’s safe, he’s sexy, his gun fingers are set to stun, but are filled with Fiyah!