Keeping it Green

We understand that large events use resources but here at Under the Hill we are committed to being as environmentally sustainable as possible. We want you to know what we are doing to be green and also want to encourage you to do what you can to help.


The site is located near to train stations and we are offering free shuttle buses to make travel with public transport easier.

We ensure there are always vegan and vegetarian options on site.

We use local suppliers as much as possible, to reduce travel.

We have never used and will continue not to use plastic straws.

From the onset we have run a reusable cup scheme, to reduce the number of cups used and reduce littering.

The lovely land we are on is capturing all that sun on our solar panels. This year we will be using this energy to power all our awesome traders and stalls.

Recycling bins are available throughout the site.

We reuse materials for stage set up each year.

We have asked traders not to sell plastic bottles on site.

Drinking water points are available on site and you can buy metal flasks onsite to refill.


From the very beginning of Under The Hill we have always used reusable cups and will continue to do so.

Either keep it as a souvenir or bring it back at the end of the festival for a refund. Those bought back are kept in storage ready to re-use next year.

Pay a £1 deposit on your first beer and get it back when you return the cup at the end of the night or at the end of the festival at our bars.


Train stations are nearby and we are offering free shuttle bus service, so ditch the car and use public transport.

If you are driving and know others coming, cosy up and share a car.

Keep hold of your reusable cup and reuse throughout the festival.

Make sure you use the right recycling bins for the right items, these will be clearly marked!

Please don’t contaminate the recycling bins with food waste.

Don’t leave your tent behind.

We all love to sparkle at a festival, but don’t love microplastics (yes, glitter is a microplastic) which end up in our oceans harming marine wildlife. There are lots of biodegradable options now available, or stick to the face paint!

Planning on some fancy dress? Head to the charity shop to reuse old items and keep the outfit for other festivals!

We have flushing, yes flushing, please toilets, don’t pee on the land.

Bring an empty reusable bottle (no glass or ceramic) to fill up on water, or buy one of our metal flasks onsite. Water points are available on site, so where possible please refill rather than buying new bottles.

Bring a keep cup (no glass or ceramic). We’ll all be heading for that morning tea or coffee, let’s do it sustainably and bring those keep cups with you!

Want to do that little bit more? There are many ways you can offset the carbon used when travelling and attending events. For example Trees for Life has partnered with A Greener Festival to regenerate ‘The Festival Forest’. £6 will plant 1 tree.

*Note we are not currently signed up to this scheme, but support the concept and encourage our festival goers to contribute.